These are the people in the Cooper-Hewitt collection
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These are people who've had a hand in the Cooper Hewitt collection who we think we know about at another institution or in another database of people. As of this writing there are some mistakes in this list but it's mostly correct and a valuable resource and a step, however small, in the right direction.

This list was generated using some pretty naive code that really only concerned itself with names and concordances that could be inferred with the simplest of rulesets. There is lots of work to be done here but we opted for doing the easy thing first in the service of our collections website so as not to get stuck in the quicksand of edge cases.

Our hope is that people will use these concordances with their own datasets, help us improve the data by correcting the mistakes we've let slip through the cracks and by adding their own concordances for other data sources.

We currently have one or more concordances between Cooper-Hewitt "people" and six other sources. They are:


Concordances are listed under the freebase:id column. For example ch:id=18536279 is the same as freebase:id=m/01hlzm


Concordances are listed under the wikipedia:id column. For example ch:id=18042217 is the same as wikipedia:id=908990

Virtual Internet Authority File (VIAF)

Concordances are listed under the viaf:id column. For example ch:id=18042217 is the same as viaf:id=103648062

Library of Congress Name Authority File

Concordances are listed under the lcnaf:id column. For example ch:id=18042217 is the same as lcnaf:id=94029554

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Concordances are listed under the moma:id column. For example ch:id=18055621 is the same as moma:id=5392

Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA)

Concordances are listed under the ima:id column are a bit trickier than the others. Specifically the IMA doesn't (yet) have public identifiers for the people (called "actors" in IMA-speak) in their collection.

The Cooper-Hewitt forked the IMA's public collection metadata and extracted all the actors creating discrete records, and identifiers, for each one along the way.

These are the identifiers listed in the concordances.csv document. They will almost certainly change. A pull request with the newly minted identifiers was sent to the IMA but they will probably roll their own identifiers in the future as time and circumstances permit.

If you look carefully at our collections website you may notice that we also claim to have concordances with the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. They are not included here because like the IMA they do not have public identifiers (and we haven't made any for them yet ;-)

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