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Current bootstrap process

Initial steps

Bootstrap Ubuntu:

  • Install and run Puppet:
sudo apt-get install puppet
sudo puppet apply puppet-linux.pp

Some unity/compiz fixes:

  • Disable Ctrl+Alt+up for maximizing (Ctrl+Super+up is enough) in Compiz/Grid configuration
  • Disable all the spaces shortcuts under Keyboard
  • Remap caps to be escape:
dconf write "/org/gnome/desktop/input-sources/xkb-options" "['caps:escape']"

# Alternatively, edit the empty value in /etc/default/keyboard

Set up dotfiles:

vcsh clone mr
mr up

It's still a bit fiddly to get all the repos auth'ed. Do the problematic ones with vcsh pull .

Still manual installs

Conrecete TODO's

  • Move prefs into mr and do the initial puppet-apply using downloaded file instead
  • Find a better way to auth all the mr repos (initial ssh alias config problem..)
  • Plugins in .vim/janus/ as submodules or mr?
  • Add oh-my-zsh to mr/vcsh

Future experiments


Mixing together terminals, tmux, Vim, desktop and clipboard-managers is a real hoot. Here are some notes:

Ubuntu: Use Glipper. Set it up to manage middle-mouse/marking so it will take care of xclip. y will move tmux buffer into xclip/Glipper. C-p will take from Glipper nicely.

Yanking in Vim will add to xclip/Glipper if you use the '+' buffer.

Pasting into Vim can be done via tmux or with the Terminal paste after activating the buffer in Glipper.

In GVim you can reach Vim and xclip/Glipper buffers in the '*' buffer.

For more discussions/ideas on copy/paste:

Other notes

Get missing solarized colors from:

Set up Gnome terminal with the dircolors from:

Gnome terminal colors fixing is from: -

Emacs setup is from

Install RVM like this: