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This project is designed for one to practice the Git/Github workflow here at Lambda School. You will be able to follow along with this pre-class video and use this assignment to demonstrate your ability to work within this flow. Watch this video, then follow the instructions listed below to complete the assignment

Directions to complete this assignment

  • Create your own version of this repo - Fork
  • Add your PM as a collaborator
  • Clone this repo
  • Create a branch git checkout -b 'firstName-lastName'
    • Add your name to the list of names below.
    • Run your usual git commands or adding/commiting and pushing Be sure to push to your branch
  • Create a Pull-Request to submit your work
    • Use your own student fork as the base (compare across forks, base-fork -> master).
    • Add your PM as a reviewer on the Pull-Request
  • PM then will count the Assignment as done by merging the HW back into master "STUDENT FORK".

ADD your name here

  • Steve Rogers