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A handy script for LambdaSchool students
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I wrote this because sometimes I would:

  • forget to fork, and would work against the master repo.
  • forget to start a branch, and would accidentally work on the master branch
  • forget to set my upstream origin, and would have to stop my flow and fix that
  • Forget to add my project manager, and they miss out on notifications on my commits
  • Run git clone in the wrong directory, and have to delete it, and reclone

Now I just run lambdaclone

Getting started

You must fill out the scripts variables inside quotes " with the following

Bash Variables Values
user Your GitHub Username
secretkey Your GitHub Token
branch_name The name of the branch you create, I use firstname-lastname
PMuser Your PM's Username
project_parent_path The path to the directory you wnat to clone to

note, not the most secure method of storing api keys lol

Move script somewhere in your user execution path like /usr/local/bin/ or ~/.local/bin


  • Check if variables empty
  • test against multiple configurations
  • check credential validity
  • support non ssh
  • make github api only version (fork, add collaborator, set branch)
  • best practice api key storage
  • auto open editor with new repo path
  • interactive ncurses menu, options, etc
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