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clj-slack-sql Build Status

This app does exactly what you need: post periodically executed SQL queries' output to slack channels. It can connect to multiple databases (in parallel) executing set of queries using configurable c3p0 connection pooling also in parallel. Additionally you can retrieve the current and previous execution cycles' timestamps allowing to construct complex SQL queries looking for only recent entries in source tables.

You can get responses from SQLs like:

SELECT last_error_message "Error" 
  FROM app_logs 
 WHERE last_update_date >= '%WINDOW_START_DATE%' 
   AND last_update_date < '%WINDOW_END_DATE%'`

directly on your slack channel(s).

The application is written in clojure but the compiled jar file can run everywhere without any dependency other than the JVM itself. Linux, Mac, Windows + other unixes are all supported.


You can find the latest releases in Github releases.

Additionally you can download the sources and build for yourself. It requires only Leiningen.

$ git clone
$ cd clj-slack-sql
$ lein uberjar


First of all you need a cutting edge configuration. Lets have a look on the included sample configuration.

Generic section

In the generic section you can have to set two generic options:

  • multithread: controlls if queries for one data source are executed in parallel or sequential. clj-slack-sql uses database connection pools and the majority of jdbc drivers are thread safe, thus, in most of the cases you can safely say yes. However, if you don't want to stress your database system just set the value to no.
  • poll_interval: defines the time required between two cycles
# Example configuration

# If your database library is thread safe you can enable
# parallel execution of SQLs per database connections
multithread: yes
# Poll interall in seconds
poll_interval: 600

Slack configuration

You need to set your secure token (which can be requested here) either in the config file or as SLACK_TOKEN environment variable. Also, you must add the bot's name here.

# token can be specified by SLACK_TOKEN environment variable
  # slack web api token, you can get one from here:
  token: <foo>
  # bot's name. Can be anything
  username: mybot

Database configuration

clj-slack-sql can connect to multiple database to execute multiple queries. Each data source requires name, connection-uri, user and password along with the statements. The connection-uri is a standard JDBC URL. Please make sure that your JDBC driver is on the class_path.

# databases sections contains the source database and sql definitions
  - name: First DB Connection
    connection-uri: jdbc:h2:mem:test_mem
    user: sa
    password: ""

For each statement you need a name, channel and a query. You can leverage multi line YAML syntax to define complex SQLs.

    - name: no output
      channel: "#test"
      type: simple
      query: SELECT 1 
    - name: using
      channel: "#test"
      type: simple
      # multi line queries can be added with > or | signs
      query: |
        SELECT '%WINDOW_START_DATETIME%' as "Cycle Started at"
             , '%WINDOW_END_DATETIME%' as "Cycle Ended at"

The application provides date/time templates for limiting your query to the cycle's time window. These templates:


The values are using ISO date formats. Examples: date => 2015-08-11 datetime => 2015-08-11T07:39:01-00:00 timestamp => 2015-08-11T07:39:01.954-00:00.

Finally, executing the application:

$ java -jar clj-slack-sql-0.1.0-standalone.jar [args]

Make sure that all of your database drivers are in your CLASSPATH.


You can specify alternate configuration file with -c or --config option.


Additional examples are located in the config folder.


Copyright © 2015 Tamas Foldi, Starschema ltd

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


Post SQL Statements results to Slack channels (JDBC)




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