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(:require [reagent.core :as reagent :refer [atom]]
[reagent-modals.modals :as reagent-modals]
[cemerick.url :refer [url url-encode]]))
;; Utility
;; -------
(defn reduce-indexed
"Reduce while adding an index as the second argument to the function"
([f coll]
(reduce-indexed f (first coll) 0 (rest coll)))
([f init coll]
(reduce-indexed f init 0 coll))
([f init ^long i coll]
(if (empty? coll)
(let [v (first coll)
fv (f init i v)]
(recur f fv (inc i) (rest coll))))))
;; App state
;; ---------
(defonce viz (reagent/atom {:maxRows 100 :includeAllColumns false}))
(declare modal)
(def url-args (:query (url (-> js/window .-location .-href))))
;; Tableau API
(def viz-url
(or (get url-args "viz")
(js/console.log "Using viz url: " (pr-str viz-url))
(def viz-options
"hideTabs" true
"hideToolbar" true
"height" (str (or (get url-args "height") 500) "px")
"width" (str (or (get url-args "width") 500) "px")
"onFirstInteractive" #(swap! viz assoc :ready true)))
(swap! viz assoc :ready false :vizobj
(js/tableau.Viz. (.getElementById js/document "tableau-div") viz-url viz-options))
(defn get-data-and-show-modal!
(-> (:vizobj @viz)
(f (clj->js @viz))
(.then (fn [data]
(swap! viz assoc :columns (.getColumns data) :data (.getData data))
(reagent-modals/modal! [modal] {:size :lg}) ))))
;; UI / Reagent Components
(defn modal-render []
(let [columns (:columns @viz)]
(js/console.log "COL:" columns )
[:div {:class "underlying-data-table-wrap"}
{:cell-spacing "0" :width "100%"}
(reduce (fn [res col] (conj res (vector :th (.getFieldName col)))) [:tr] columns)]
; tbody, reduce from [[{formattedValue: val]] to [:tbody [:tr [:td val1] [:td val2]]]
(reduce (fn [res row]
(conj res
(fn [tr i col]
(let [column-meta (nth columns i)]
(conj tr [:td {:class (str " data-cell-kind-" (.getDataType column-meta)
" data-cell-" (.getFieldName column-meta))}
(get col "formattedValue")])))
(js->clj (:data @viz)))]]))
(defn modal-did-mount [this]
(.DataTable (js/$ (.getElementById js/document "data-table"))))
(defn modal []
(reagent/create-class {:reagent-render modal-render
:component-did-mount modal-did-mount}))
(defn underlying-button []
{:disabled (not (:ready @viz))
:on-click (fn [] (get-data-and-show-modal! #(.getUnderlyingDataAsync %1 %2)))}
"Show underlying data"])
(defn summary-button []
{:disabled (not (:ready @viz))
:on-click (fn [] (get-data-and-show-modal! #(.getSummaryDataAsync %1 %2)))}
"Show summary data"])
(defn get-data-component []
[:div.form-horizontal {:style {:margin "10px"}}
[:p "Select customers to see their summary or underlying data in tabular format."]
[:p [:a {:href ""} "Source code"] " is less than 100 lines."]
[:label.col-xs-2 "Number of rows to show"]
{:type "number" :min 0 :step 1
:value (:maxRows @viz)
:on-change #(swap! viz assoc :maxRows (.-target.value %))} ]]]
[:label.col-xs-2 {:for "all-cols"} "Show all columns"]
{:type "checkbox"
:checked (:includeAllColumns @viz)
:on-change #(swap! viz update-in [:includeAllColumns] not) }]]]
[underlying-button] [summary-button]
(defn init []
(reagent/render-component [get-data-component]
(.getElementById js/document "container")))
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