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Tableau JS API without embed

Tableau JS API without embed example

This is a Proof-Of-Concept example of using the Tableau Javascript SDK without any embeds. For more details on the inner workings of this sample please check the Databoss Blog

The source code is written in CoffeeScript because writing plain JavaScript is a slow and error-prone process.

We use GULP as the build tool to compile the coffeescript code down to JavaScript.


# Install all dependencies
npm install

# Install the gulp command line tool
sudo npm install gulp --global

Running the development server

The development model is fairly simple:

Start your local development server:

gulp watch serve

This tells GULP to watch for any changes to our coffeescript files, and recompile them upon change; and also start a web server that serves these compiled javascript files.

Embed into tableau

  • Use the web data connector to inject our javascript (see the Databoss article for details on how to do this).

  • That web data connector currently points to which is your local development machine, so you can see any changes you make to the javascript source code.