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Visual DataFlex library for FogBugz

VDFogBugz is a Visual DataFlex library containing a single class, cFogBugz, which can act as an interface to a FogBugz installation.

Using VDFogBugz

VDFogBugz is a Visual DataFlex workspace, prepared to be used as a library.

Download VDFogBugz using the download link on github and extract the archive to your filesystem. Add a reference to the VDFogBugz workspace matching your version of VDF to your project. Then add something similar to this to your source code:

Use cFogBugz.pkg

Object oFogBugz is a cFogBugz
    Set psProtocol to fbHTTPS
    Set psHost to ""
    // Set psPath to "path/to/fogbugz/installation"

With this in place you're all set to do something like:

tfbProject[] myProjects
Integer i

If (Logon(oFogBugz(Self), "", "password")) Begin
    If (ListProjects(oFogBugz(Self), False, (&myProjects))) Begin
        For i from 0 to (SizeOfArray(myProjects) - 1)
            Showln myProjects[i].Name

About cFogBugz

The class has only three public properties: psProtocol, psHost and psPath. You need only use psPath if FogBugz is not installed in the root of the domain specified by psHost.

You must call Logon before you can access the rest of the methods.

All methods of cFogBugz returns a boolean value indicating the success of the call - true for 'ok', false in case of errors. Errors will be reported using the Error statement, so use an error handler if you don't want your users to see them.

Methods which, in the FogBugz API, return data will have a ByRef parameter, like myProjects in the example above. In case of arrays, they should always be empty before the call.

The workspace includes a test program and an example view demonstrating further use of the class.

Project status

Currently 21% of the FogBugz version 5 API has been implemented:

  • Logon

  • ListFilters

  • ChangeFilter*

  • ListProjects

  • ListAreas*

  • ListCategories*

  • ListPriorities*

  • ListPeople*

  • ListFixFors*

  • ListMailboxes*

  • StartWork*

  • StopWork*

  • NewInterval*

  • ListIntervals

Methods marked with an asterisk are untested.


Visual DataFlex interface (class) for FogBugz



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