An interactive loading view you can tilt while you wait.
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TiltingLoader is a loading view you can tilt while you wait. The loader is meant to be an easy drop-in reusable UI component built in Swift that will work on iOS 7 and 8. The loader uses UIMotionEffect to create the tilting movement.


Check out the DemoViewController for specific examples on how to use TiltingLoader



** Run on a physical device for motion effects **

Create and being animating

var tlView = TiltingLoader(frame: CGRectMake(50, 50, 100, 100), color: UIColor.purpleColor(), cornerRad: 0.0)

Convenience create and begin animating

TiltingLoader.showTiltingLoader(self.view, color: UIColor.orangeColor(), cornerRad: 0.0)

Hide loader

// or to hide convenience instance
TiltingLoader.hideTiltingLoader(self.view, dynamic: true)


Init Params
frame: CGRect Simply the size of the loader within superview
color: UIColor The color of the loader, darker colors work best.
cornerRad: CGFloat is used to determine how rounded the corners of the loader should be.

Before calling animateColors() on a TiltingLoader instance, you can change the following properties:

Required Methods
enableOverlayOnView: UIView? Enable overlay behind tilting loader if superview has been passed in through this method
animateColors: Bool Begins color animation process by determining which color iteration method to call. When passing in false, colors animate in reverse.
Configureable Properties
isAnimating: Bool Getting this value determines if a loader is currently animating. Setting this value makes it so the loader will animate when animateColors() is called. Default: true
animationFrequency: NSTimeInterval The interval for how often to swap colors in the loader, causing the animation effect. Default: 0.7
dynamicDismissal: Bool Determines how loader will be removed from superview. If true, loader will drop out and if false, loader will fade out. Default: false


rectangle__ rectangle


To install, simple drag the TiltingLoader.swift file to your project and use it.
  • Use a briding header to run in an Objective-C project.
  • Coming soon: CocoaPods (Adding Swift projects to CocoaPods does not currently work) Check out this CocoaPods issue for more info and progress.

TiltingLoader requires iOS 7 or later.


This project is very open to contributions using the standard process below:

  • Fork this repo
  • Make your changes
  • Submit a pull request

Created By

Taylor Franklin


TiltingLoader is distributed under the MIT license.