Pearson Tech Summit 2012 Instant REST Services Workshop Example
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Pearson Technology Summit 6.0 (2012)

This project contains sample applications for the "Instant REST Services With RestExpress" workshop.

You can either 'clone' this project via:

git clone git://

Or download the zip file from the downloads area at:

Once either cloned or unzipped to your disk, you'll find two directories, "complete" and "kickstart". In the "complete" directory is a fully-functioning example of what we'll be building during the workshop--a functional blogging service suite.

In the "kickstart" directory, is the empty shell that we'll be starting with--the RestExpress Scaffolding application. While this has been inserted here to facilitate us getting going rapidly in the workshop, it is also available here as a stand-alone download:

Which is where you'll want to get the latest version when you create your own projects--outside of the workshop.

To run these applications, you'll need Java (1.7), Ant, and MongoDB.