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GitHub release (latest SemVer including pre-releases) Publish as GitHub Pages Hugo

Aggregator documentation

This repository contains the source of Aggregator GitHub Pages.

Processing requires Hugo.

The documentation is published at


The documentation is in the content/docs folder. The hugo-book theme generates the left Table of Contents menu navigating the file structure. Put images at the same level as the file; file with a name different from should not reference images. If you need images, create a directory with an file in it. If you want a different name, use the front matter title property, e.g. use

title: 'Basic examples'
weight: 320

weight allows change the order of items in the menu.

Markdown content

The right Table of Contents menu, picks only headers level 2 (##) or higher (###, ####, ...) . Do not use Header 1 (single # titles).

Test locally before pushing

Run hugo serve.

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