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Getting Started

  • [How to integrate the community build activities into your build process template](Integrate Build Activities)
  • Miscellaneous

Included PowerShell Scripts

See Run and pass data to scripts and programs and Run scripts in your Team Foundation Build process

Included Community Activities

The following activities are included this project. Once you are able to integrate the extensions into your build process template the usage of each activity should be fairly obvious.

  • AssemblyInfo - [Getting started with the AssemblyInfo activity](Getting started with the AssemblyInfo activity)
  • AWS
  • CatNetScan - [Getting started with the CatNetScan activity](Getting started with the CatNetScan activity)
  • ClickOnce
  • Code Coverage - [Failing builds based on code coverage percentage](Failing builds based on code coverage percentage)
  • CodeMetric - [Getting started with the CodeMetric and CodeMetricHistory activity](Getting started with the CodeMetric and CodeMetricHistory activity)
  • CompareLabels
  • DateAndTime - [Getting started with the DateTime activity](Getting started with the DateTime activity)
  • Email - [Getting started with the email activity](Getting started with the email activity)
  • ExecuteWorkflow
  • ExpandVariables
  • File - [Getting started with the file activity](Getting started with the file activity)
  • FileCopyRemote - [Getting started with FileCopyRemote](Getting started with FileCopyRemote)
  • Ftp – [Getting started with Ftp activity](Getting started with Ftp activity)
  • FxCop - [Getting started with the fxcop activity](Getting started with the fxcop activity)
  • Guid - [Getting started with the GUID activity](Getting started with the GUID activity)
  • Hello - A sample to show basic structure of an activity, just writes a message to the build log
  • HyperV - [Getting started with the Hyper-V activity](Getting started with the Hyper-V activity)
  • IIS7
  • ILMerge
  • InvokePowerShellCommand – [Getting started with the InvokePowerShellCommand activity](Getting started with the InvokePowerShellCommand activity)
  • InvokeRemoteScript - [Getting started with InvokeRemoteScript](Getting started with InvokeRemoteScript)
  • IsBuildRunning
  • IsSourceChanged
  • LabManagement
    • CheckIfEnvironmentIsLocked
    • GetEnvironment
    • GetEnvironmentLockedByBuildNumber
    • ListEnvironments
    • ListLabSystems
    • LockEnvironment
    • PauseEnvironment
    • RenameSnapshot
    • ShutdownEnvironment
    • UnlockEnvironment
    • WaitForEnvironmentToBecomeAvailable
  • nUnit – [Getting started with the nUnit activity](Getting started with the nUnit activity)
  • RoboCopy - [Getting started with the RoboCopy activity](Getting started with the RoboCopy activity)
  • SetBuildAgentStatus
  • SharePointDeployment – [Getting started with the SharePointDeployment activity](Getting started with the SharePointDeployment activity)
  • SSH
  • Sonar - [Getting started with the Sonar activity](Getting started with the Sonar activity)
  • SPDisposeCheck – [Getting started with the SPDisposeCheck activity](Getting started with the SPDisposeCheck activity)
  • SqlExecute
  • StatLight
  • StyleCop – [Getting started with the StyleCop activity](Getting started with the StyleCop activity)
  • TFS Activities
    • AssociateMergedChangesetsAndWorkItems - [Getting started with AssociateMergedChangesetsAndWorkItems](Including merges and associated work items in a build)
    • AgentSettingsTags - [Add and remove Tags during the build for Agent Settings](Add and remove Tags during the build for Agent Settings)
    • BuildAgentTags - Add and remove Tags from a build agent
    • BuildReport
    • BuildStepDuration - [Getting Started with BuildStepDuration activity](Getting Started with BuildStepDuration activity)
    • BuildWorkspace
    • GetBuild
    • GetBuildAgentMachineName - Get the physical machine name of and agent
    • GetBuildController
    • GetBuildDefinition
    • GetBuildServer
    • GetChangeset
    • GetChangesetItem
    • GetCodeCoverageTotal - [Getting Started GetCodeCoverageTotal activity](Getting Started GetCodeCoverageTotal activity)
    • GetLastGoodBuild
    • GetLatestBuildDetail
    • GetLatestChangeSet
    • GetLocalWorkspace
    • GetMSBuildProperties
    • GetPendingChanges
    • GetValueFromRegistry
    • GetVersionControlLabel
    • GetWebAccessUrl
    • QueueBuild
    • QueryBuildAgentStatus
    • SetBuildAgentStatus
    • StopBuild
    • TFSSource
  • TFSVersion - [Getting started with the TfsVersion activity](Getting started with the TfsVersion activity)
  • VB6 - [Getting started with the VB6 activity](Getting started with the VB6 activity)
  • VirtualPC - [Getting started with the VirtualPC activity](Getting started with the VirtualPC activity)
  • VSDevEnv
  • Windows Azure - [Getting started with the Windows Azure activities](Getting started with the Windows Azure activities)
  • WriteToFile - [Getting started with the writetofile activity](Getting started with the writetofile activity)
  • Wmi
  • WorkItemTracking
  • XML
  • XMLFile
  • Zip - [Getting started with the Zip activity](Getting started with the Zip activity)

MSDN Documentation

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