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%title MailCatcher
%link{:rel => "stylesheet", :href => "/stylesheets/application.css"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/modernizr.js"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/jquery.js"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/xslt-3.2.js"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/date.js"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/flexie.min.js"}
%script{:src => "/javascripts/application.js"}
%a{:href => "", :target => '_blank'} MailCatcher
%a{:href => '#', :title => 'Clear all messages'} Clear
%a{:href => '#', :title => 'Quit MailCatcher'} Quit
%th From
%th To
%th Subject
%th Received
%dt.created_at Received
%dt.from From
%dd.from To
%dt.subject Subject
%dt.attachments Attachments
%ul{'data-message-format' => 'html'}
%a{:href => '#'} HTML{'data-message-format' => 'plain'}
%a{:href => '#'}Plain Text{'data-message-format' => 'source'}
%a{:href => '#'}Source
%a{:href => '#'}Analysis
%a.button{:href => '#'}
%span Download
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