small and effective high-level TVDB C library based on Eina and cURL
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  1. What is it?

ETVDB is a tool and a library to get data from The TV Database (TVDB). It is written in C and makes use of the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and cURL.

  1. File Structure

A quick overview over the files and directories here:

data/ - contains data used by the program
external/ - 3rd party libraries
lib/ - contains the library files
  1. How to build

This is super easy:

mkdir BUILD/ && cd BUILD/
cmake .. && make && sudo make install

for a debugging build pass this to cmake: -D DEBUG=ON

The dependencies are Eina, Ecore and libcurl.

  1. License

libetvdb is available under the LGPLv2.1 or any later version.

See COPYING for details.