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This is python wrapper for curve25519 library with ed25519 signatures. The C code was pulled from libaxolotl-android At the moment this wrapper is meant for use by python-axolotl and provides the following methods only:

import axolotl_curve25519 as curve
import os

randm32 = os.urandom(32)
randm64 = os.urandom(64)

private_key = curve.generatePrivateKey(randm32)
public_key = message = curve.generatePublicKey(private_key)

agreement = curve.calculateAgreement(private_key, public_key)
signature = curve.calculateSignature(randm64, private_key, message)
verified = curve.verifySignature(public_key, message, signature) == 0



You need to have python headers installed, usually through installing package called python-dev, then as superuser run:

python install


  • Install mingw compiler
  • Add mingw to your PATH
  • In PYTHONPATH\Lib\distutils create a file called distutils.cfg and add these lines:
  • Install gcc: mingw-get.exe install gcc
  • Install zlib zlib
  • python install
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