Dec 29, 2017
- Updated tokens
- Fixed python2 support
-Fixed #1842: Bug in protocol_groups RemoveGroupsNotificationProtocolEntity, thanks to @jlguardi
- Other minor bug fixes

@tgalal tgalal released this Mar 23, 2017 · 31 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed xml-not-well-formed when data is sent from multiple threads simultaneously
  • Updated S40 env, thanks to @Mailaender

@tgalal tgalal released this May 22, 2016 · 46 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed python 2.6 support
  • Auto-reconnect on stream:error
  • Allow autotrust changed identities via an exposed layer property
  • Fixed block detection in exists request, initiated by code request
  • Fixed crash when node data is string


  • WA1.6 support
  • Fully working group encryption support
  • Updated s40 token to 2.16.7
  • Fixed timestamp in authentication not being UTC
  • Fixed handling variant decrypt/encr fail scenarios

Known issues

  • No support for encrypted media yet
Apr 24, 2016
Updated token, thanks to @biji

@tgalal tgalal released this Apr 1, 2016 · 129 commits to master since this release

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  • Simpler env select using YowsupEnv.setEnv("env_name"), get using YowsupEnv.getCurrent()
  • yowsup-cli allows setting preferred env using -E/--env argument
Mar 31, 2016
Minor Readme update
Mar 31, 2016
- New optional modules interface
- pillow, axolotl and ffvideo as optional modules
- Improved mimetypes detection in media sending, thanks to @jlguardi
- Fixed some group Iqs callbacks getting swallowed and never invoked, thanks to @blr246
- Fixed python3 compat in iq_statuses_result, thanks to @moyamo
- New @EventCallback decoration to replace layer's onEvent method, thanks to @jlmadurga
- Fixed asyncore initialization, thanks to @jlmadurga


- Updated tokens and fixed registration, thanks to @jlguardi
- Skip encryption of group messages, thanks to @jlguardi
- Improved video sending support, thanks to @jlguardi

yowsup-cli, demos and others

- echo and send clients now enable encryption by default
- Can now send videos from cli demo, thanks to @jlguardi
- Fixed URL to country codes in yowsup-cli help, thanks to @davidbecker
- Added *BSD installation instructions, thanks to @willyrgf

@tgalal tgalal released this Dec 14, 2015 · 190 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixed bug that avoid some acks from being sent, thanks to @t0rr3sp3dr0
  • Check fields in video message before parsing, thanks to @menachem
  • Fixed image scaling in Palette mode, thanks to @janboll and @Salmon-Bard
  • Fixed image preview, thanks to @gagandeep
  • Fixed erroneous method in LiteAxolotlStore, thanks to @magicgoose
  • Fixed YowParallelLayer returning layer instead of the layer's interface


  • Can now get status of users, thanks to @moyamo
  • Fixed login, thanks to @cgraefe
  • new profile privacy options, thanks to @jlguardi


  • Updated registration token, thanks to @mgp25
  • Updated android env data, thanks to @Holi0317

yowsup-cli demos

  • Send read receipts for received messages in cli demo, thanks to @jlguardi
  • Fixed Warning that demos are not using YowParallelLayer, thanks to @joaoricardo000

@tgalal tgalal released this Sep 6, 2015 · 240 commits to master since this release

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Mostly core updates, and most importantly is the ability for a layer to expose an Interface for direct interaction from other layers/places. For example, doing a yowNetworkLayerInterface.connect() makes more sense than broadcasting an event across all other irrelevant layers. Or a storage layer that saves incoming and outgoing messages, and then a GUI which would like to query a conversation history would request the storage layer's interface which should expose methods like "getMessages"



  • Support sending receipt for multiple messages
  • Updated S40 env to 2.12.96


  • Layers can now expose an InterfaceLayer for outside interaction
  • YowNetworkLayer and Auth Layer now expose an InterfaceLayer
  • Fixed message forwarding thanks to @jlguardi
  • Don't panic on try send something when offline
  • Allow setting props on stackbuilder, it passed them to the instantiated stack
  • Fixed interface not forwarding to upper layers unhandled protocolenties
  • Don't crash on UntrustedIdentityException, will silently ignore the message
  • Handle DuplicateMessageException
  • Added stack.send/receive


  • E2E enc is now enabled by default, remove -m/--moxie switch
  • Opt-out E2E enc using -M/--unmoxie

@tgalal tgalal released this Aug 1, 2015 · 277 commits to master since this release

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