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Yowsup 2.0

Yowsup opened WhatsApp service under platforms!

Yowsup is a Python library that enables you to build application that use WhatsApp service. Yowsup has been used to create an unofficial WhatsApp client Nokia N9 through the Wazapp project which was in use by 200K + users as well as another fully featured unofficial client for Blackberry 10.

Here is what you need to read to get started with Yowsup 2.0 (Or quickly jump to installation) :


  • Requires Python 2.6+, or Python 3.0+
  • Required Python packages: python-dateutil
  • Required Python packages for yowsup-cli: argparse

Install using to satisfy all python dependencies.

sudo python install

Because of a bug with python-dateutil package, you might get permission error for some dateutil file called requires.txt when use Yowsup (see this bug report) to fix you'll need to chmod 644 that file.

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