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Command line client

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Yowsup Cli client

Yowsup comes with a command line client exposes many yowsup capabilities for quick access in command line. At the moment it supports only a smaller set of yowsup function as it's still in under heavy development, but eventually it will expose every single yowsup capabilities.

For developers this tool is useful if you'd like to debug some yowsup features and monitor WhatsApp traffic being transmitted. Also useful for developers to see how it implements different types of functionality for use as reference while working on their own project.

For non devs, the tools is also easy to use for quick command line WhatsApp magic ;)

Quick start

First you need to register using yowsup in order to have a valid phone number and password (see yowsup registration )

Then start yowsup cli client by running the following:

yowsup-cli demos --yowsup --config /path/to/config

You can also add '--debug' switch if you'd like to output debug data

And then you get this:

Yowsup Cli client
Type /help for available commands

/account       delete                                       Delete your account 
/disconnect                                                 Disconnect          
/help                                                       Print this message  
/contacts      sync           [contacts]                    Sync contacts, contacts should be comma separated phone numbers, with no spaces
/presence      available                                    Set presence as available
/presence      subscribe      [contact]                     Subscribe to contact's presence updates
/presence      unsubscribe    [contact]                     Unsubscribe from contact's presence updates
/presence      name           [name]                        Set presence name   
/presence      unavailable                                  Set presence as unavailable
/ping                                                       Ping server         
/L                                                          Quick login         
/groups        create         [subject]                     Create a new group with the specified subject
/groups        list                                         List all groups you belong to
/test                                                       halawa              
/ib            clean          [dirtyType]                   Send clean dirty    
/message       broadcast      [numbers] [content]           Broadcast message. numbers should comma separated phone numbers
/message       send           [number] [content]            Send message to a friend

use the '/L' command for logging in using the credentials you previously supplied