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Releases: tgass/macbeth


15 Oct 09:55
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  • Better UX if FICS not available or lost connection
  • Highlight king if in check
  • Many more options to configure color and style around highlighting moves, premoves, moving pieces. A solid style resembles the style you would find on lichess.
  • Show row and column labels on the board (optional)
  • automatic support of timeseal2
  • Adjourn and resume games
  • Many more chatting options: Channels, Tells, Whispers, Kibitzes are supported. Flip chat mode with command+M. Only channel support is limited in that you cannot join or leave the channel via an UI, but have to do this with the console.

Pleas let me know if you encounter any problems.


21 Jun 11:31
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  • Supporting Linux
  • Gameplay: Don't issue a 'move' if source and target square are the same
  • Refactoring


03 Aug 08:48
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  • Most windows are now closable with Cmd-W
  • Refactorings


18 Mar 17:23
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  • Show captured pieces


18 Feb 13:21
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Bug fix release:

Closing a finished game leads to the resignation of another game played in a second window.

No more automatic resignation when a game window is closed


31 Jan 14:37
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  • New icons!
  • Player History

Chatting & Sorting

07 Aug 12:13
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  • some basic chatting functionality
  • columns in GamesList and PlayersList sortable via right-click pop-up menu

Emergency release

18 May 13:54
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I just realized that black was always playing on a board with squares in the wrong colors. This has now been fixed.

Sounds again

17 May 13:53
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Using OpenAL/ ALUT instead of shell call to afplay

This works perfectly on my system, but I got a 'not so good' from a fellow Macbeth user.
Please let me know how sounds work on your system. Especially if sounds aren't working, please! let me know what system your using Macbeth with.

I had to delete some sounds: 'woodthunk', 'thud', 'slap'. So please go to File -> Settings and use 'Reset sounds' to get the latest sound configuration.

I'll upload a binary to the website later today.

Ready now! Enjoy!


10 May 21:29
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Sound support

I shipped some sounds with Macbeth which you can find in

You can also use your own sounds if you put them in MACBETH_USER_DIR/sounds

Configuration of sounds is still very very basic.

More will follow ;)