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[bug 699239] Bubble "update needed" to top of list

Fixes Template readout on the localization dashboard such that templates
that need translations get bubbled to the top of the list. Previously,
you'd have to click on the "All templates..." link to see them all to
see whether any translations needed updating. Lame.
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commit 564622291e3d951b1567d23524764d32efc3b877 1 parent 3e2b280
@willkg willkg authored
Showing with 27 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +27 −5 apps/dashboards/
32 apps/dashboards/
@@ -269,6 +269,18 @@ def __init__(self, request, locale=None, mode=None):
self.mode = mode if mode != None else self.default_mode
# self.mode is allowed to be invalid.
+ def sort_and_truncate(self, rows, max):
+ """Allows a readout to sort and truncate the rows list
+ This happens after generating the row structures which starts
+ with what we get back from SQL and incorporates _format_row
+ and before we render the rows to output.
+ :arg rows: the list of rows to sort
+ :arg max: the index at which to truncate
+ """
+ return rows
def rows(self, max=None):
"""Return an iterable of dicts containing the data for the table.
@@ -281,7 +293,8 @@ def rows(self, max=None):
cursor = _cursor()
- return [self._format_row(r) for r in cursor.fetchall()]
+ return self.sort_and_truncate(
+ [self._format_row(r) for r in cursor.fetchall()], max)
def render(self, max_rows=None):
"""Return HTML table rows, optionally limiting to a number of rows."""
@@ -449,10 +462,7 @@ def _query_and_params(self, max):
'AND engdoc.is_localizable '
'AND NOT engdoc.is_archived '
'AND engdoc.latest_localizable_revision_id IS NOT NULL '
- 'AND engdoc.is_template '
- 'ORDER BY COALESCE(transdoc.title, engdoc.title) ASC ' +
- self._limit_clause(max),
+ 'AND engdoc.is_template ',
(self.locale, settings.WIKI_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE))
def _format_row(self, (eng_slug, eng_title, slug, title, significance,
@@ -460,6 +470,18 @@ def _format_row(self, (eng_slug, eng_title, slug, title, significance,
return _format_row_with_out_of_dateness(self.locale, eng_slug,
eng_title, slug, title, None, significance, needs_review)
+ def sort_and_truncate(self, rows, max):
+ # Bubble the "update needed" templates to the top, but otherwise
+ # keep it ordered by title.
+ #
+ # As a little side note, 'status' here is either an empty
+ # string or a _lazy translation of 'Update Needed'. So if it's
+ # an empty string, then the equality is True and True in
+ # Python is 1 and 1 comes after 0... Therefore, False comes
+ # first in ordering.
+ rows.sort(key=lambda row: (row['status'] == u'', row['title']))
+ return rows[:max]
class NavigationTranslationsReadout(Readout):
"""Readout for navigation articles in non-default languages

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