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This folder contains documents for vocabulary to be integrated into the NIF-Ontology prior to their conversion into ttl format for inclusion in the NIF-Ontology repository.


When adding source files (csv, xlsx, ttl, etc.) for review and integration, fork tgbugs/pyontutils, add a folder for your files/notes and submit a pull requests. Any additional files related to that particular set of terms or that project should be added to that folder as well.

For example, if I want to integrate a vocabulary related to 2-photon calcium imaging I would (from the folder that contains this readme)

mkdir calcium-imaging
cp -a path/to/my/terms-doc calcium-imaging/
git add calcium-imaging/terms-doc
git commit
git push

and then submit a pull request.

With these files as a starting point we will then have a record of the process by which the new terms are considered and ultimately added to the NIF-Ontology.

Integration from an existing git repo

In the folder please include a that has a link to the repo and any other relevant links.

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