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An unofficial React component for ProseMirror
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An unofficial React component for ProseMirror. Build Status

Hello World

import ProseMirror from 'react-prosemirror'

const Hello = React.createClass({
  getInitialState() {
    return {value: 'Hello World!'}
  render() {
    return <ProseMirror value={this.state.value} onChange={this.onChange} options={{docFormat: 'html'}} />
  onChange(value) {


Via NPM (note that you need to install ProseMirror yourself)

npm install --save react-prosemirror prosemirror

If your target environment doesn't natively support Object.assign, you may need to use some sort of polyfill such as babel-polyfill.


The intent is to provide an API compatible with standard React form elements. react-prosemirror supports defaultValue, value and onChange props as well as valueLink. It additionally supports an options prop which is passed directly to the ProseMirror constructor.

The ProseMirror instance is stored on the component instance as pm. You can gain access to it by putting a ref prop on the component.

render() {
  return <ProseMirror value={value} onChange={callback} ref="editor" />
someFunc(posA, posB) {, posB)

Finally, instances have a getContent method which defaults to the selected docFormat.


react-prosemirror simply passes options into ProseMirror. It will not automatically load other modules. For example, if you wish to use the menubar option or markdown format, you'll need to import those modules in addition to adding the appropriate options.

import 'prosemirror/dist/markdown'
import 'prosemirror/dist/menu/menubar'


options.docFormat is used to determine the type of value returned to the onChange callback as well as what is expected to be in the value prop.

react-prosemirror will attempt to control the component in the spirit of standard React form elements (see: Why Controlled Components?). To avoid thrashing ProseMirror, it will only call setContent when the new value is not strictly equal (===) to the last value pulled from ProseMirror. This should work for most cases, but be aware of that if you're using a complex type such as json.

Project Status

I would consider this library largely complete within its scope, though clearly not proven in a production setting. I'm open to refinements, especially around the interaction of docFormat and controlled values.

I intend to track ProseMirror API changes as needed.

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