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Lightweight c++17 utility library
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A lightweight c++17 utility library. Originally intended to be a less bulky replacement for boost. It contains the following libraries:


Library with various efficient containers and tools.

  • xo/container/circular_deque.h A deque stored in a ring buffer
  • xo/container/circular_frame_buffer.h
  • xo/container/container_algorithms.h
  • xo/container/container_tools.h
  • xo/container/dynarray.h An array with run-time allocation
  • xo/container/flag_set.h Container type for storing flags
  • xo/container/flat_map.h A map stored in a flat datastructure
  • xo/container/prop_node.h A hierarchical container that can contain any type
  • xo/container/prop_node_tools.h
  • xo/container/small_vector.h
  • xo/container/sorted_vector.h A vector with sorted elements
  • xo/container/storage.h A container for storing columns of data
  • xo/container/storage_tools.h
  • xo/container/table.h
  • xo/container/view_if.h Iterate through elements of a cotainer that match a specific condition


Library for debugging, testing and performance analysis.

  • xo/diagnose/debug_storage.h
  • xo/diagnose/debug_tools.h
  • xo/diagnose/profiler.h Light-weight invasive profiler that measures user-tagged function times
  • xo/diagnose/profiler_config.h
  • xo/diagnose/test_framework.h Framework for unit testing


A light-weight subset of the C++17 filesystem library.

  • xo/filesystem/filesystem.h Basic file operations
  • xo/filesystem/path.h Class for storing paths


A library for efficient and flexible 3d geometry.

  • xo/geometry/angle.h Class for representing angles in radians or degrees, with efficient conversion between types
  • xo/geometry/axes_type.h
  • xo/geometry/catmull_rom.h Catmull-Rom spline implementation
  • xo/geometry/dynmat.h
  • xo/geometry/dynvec.h
  • xo/geometry/mat33.h
  • xo/geometry/path_alg.h
  • xo/geometry/quat.h Quaternion class
  • xo/geometry/transform.h 3D Transformation class (translation + rotation)
  • xo/geometry/vec.h
  • xo/geometry/vec3.h 3D Vector class
  • xo/geometry/vec4.h 4D Vector class


Library for dealing with numbers.

  • xo/numerical/average.h
  • xo/numerical/bounded.h
  • xo/numerical/bounds.h
  • xo/numerical/compare.h
  • xo/numerical/constants.h
  • xo/numerical/delayer.h
  • xo/numerical/delta.h
  • xo/numerical/filter.h
  • xo/numerical/functions.h
  • xo/numerical/math.h
  • xo/numerical/piecewise_constant_function.h
  • xo/numerical/piecewise_linear_function.h
  • xo/numerical/polynomial.h
  • xo/numerical/random.h
  • xo/numerical/regression.h
  • xo/numerical/regular_piecewise_linear_function.h


Library for input / output to serial streams of data.

  • xo/serialization/char_stream.h
  • xo/serialization/serialize.h


  • xo/shape/aabb.h
  • xo/shape/box.h
  • xo/shape/capsule.h
  • xo/shape/cone.h
  • xo/shape/cylinder.h
  • xo/shape/plane.h
  • xo/shape/shape.h
  • xo/shape/sphere.h


Library for dealing with strings.

  • xo/string/dictionary.h
  • xo/string/pattern_matcher.h Match strings using globbing (i.e. using * and ?)
  • xo/string/stack_string.h String that supports push / pop
  • xo/string/string_cast.h Convert strings to / from any type
  • xo/string/string_cast_enum.h
  • xo/string/string_tools.h Many tools for string manipulation
  • xo/string/string_type.h


System related tools such as logging and versioning.

  • xo/system/assert.h Support for assert with optional exceptions
  • xo/system/error_code.h
  • xo/system/log.h Advanced logging system
  • xo/system/log_level.h
  • xo/system/log_sink.h
  • xo/system/settings.h
  • xo/system/system_tools.h
  • xo/system/type_class.h
  • xo/system/version.h Class for storing version numbers


Library for dealing with time.

  • xo/time/stopwatch.h
  • xo/time/time.h
  • xo/time/timer.h


Several utilities that don't fit in any other library.

  • xo/utility/color.h
  • xo/utility/color_gradient.h
  • xo/utility/data_algorithms.h
  • xo/utility/factory.h
  • xo/utility/file_resource_cache.h Caching instances of classes created from a file
  • xo/utility/handle.h
  • xo/utility/hash.h
  • xo/utility/interpolation.h
  • xo/utility/interruptible.h
  • xo/utility/irange.h
  • xo/utility/memoize.h Class that remembers and reuses outcomes for computationally expensive functions
  • xo/utility/memory_tools.h
  • xo/utility/optional.h Efficient optional class that uses sentinel values for integer and floating point types
  • xo/utility/pointer_iterator.h
  • xo/utility/pointer_types.h
  • xo/utility/sfinae_tools.h
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