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Data and code for replication of Gerarden, Reeder, and Stock (2019)
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This directory contains materials for replication of: Gerarden, Reeder, and Stock "Federal Coal Program Reform, the Clean Power Plan, and the Interaction of Upstream and Downstream Climate Policies"

All inputs for the analysis are contained in input/GRS_data.xlsx.

Replicating the analysis only requires execution of code/ in Stata. You may need to modify the cd command in code/ (below the comment "set directory") to include an absolute path to the parent directory that contains this readme.

When executes, it will call three other .do files. Intermediate outputs in Stata dataset format are saved in the intermediate_data subdirectory. All final output is stored in the output subdirectory, with the following subdirectories:

	output/figures:	all figures from the manuscript except figure 3
	output/logs:	timestamped logs from each execution of
	output/tables:	.dta files with each table in matrix format and the workbook Tables.xlsx with formatted versions of the final tables used in the manuscript

One log is available in output/logs to facilitate debugging.
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