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What it is?

gst-corba is a pet project to implement CORBA Smalltalk Language Mapping using GNU Smalltalk

How to install it

For now gst-corba requires git version of GNU Smalltalk. See this page for information on how to install git version of gst.

Running gst-corba require installing ORBit2 packages, and tao-tls implementation for tests. Assuming you're using Debian you can do this with:

$ sudo apt-get install liborbit2-dev tao-tls

As well as gst-osprocess to invoke tao-tls in unit tests:

$ git clone git://
$ (cd gst-osprocess && ./

Last, clone, setup and run gst-corba:

$ git clone git://
$ cd gst-corba
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/generated # Needed for stub lib
$ make                                  # Also runs unit tests

Current status

The project is in its inception. The first milestone is to implement a minimal subset of the specification using ORBit so that the Telecom Log Service can be called from gst.

Implemented already

  • CORBAParameter
  • CORBAObject
  • CORBAEnum
  • sequence mapping
  • minimal conversion to/from any


As of 7f5e3a68d3 the LogMgr and BasicLogFactory interfaces are wrapped.

As of f6130f3 Log can be used to write log records.

As of 1285415 you can search log records.

How to use it

Here is an example session:

st> PackageLoader fileInPackage: 'DsLogAdmin'.
Loading package CORBA
Loading package TimeBase
Loading package OSProcess
Loading package DsLogAdmin
st> orb := CORBA.ORBitORB new: 'gst' withArgs: #().
"assuming you have a running instance of a CORBA Telecom Log Server
 with the following IOR"
st> logmgr := orb stringToObject: 'IOR:010000002b00000049444c3a6f6d672e6f72672f44734c6f6741646d696e2f42617369634c6f67466163746f72793a312e30000001000000000000007c000000010102000a0000003132372e302e302e3100a8b92f00000014010f004e53500000000001000000526f6f74504f4100666163746f72795f504f41000000000001000000010000000002000000000000000800000001000000004f41540100000018000000010000000100010001000000010001050901010000000000'.
st> log := logmgr create: 0 maxSize: 0 id: (id := nil asCORBAParameter).
st> id value.
0 "or any other positive value"
st> log id.
st> logmgr findLog: 0.
DsLogAdmin.ORBitBasicLog(16r85DCCE0) "the same newly created log"
st> logmgr create: 0 maxSize: 0 id: (id := nil asCORBAParameter).
st> logmgr listLogsById.
OrderedCollection (0 1 )
st> logmgr listLogs.
OrderedCollection (DsLogAdmin.Log(16r85DE76C) DsLogAdmin.Log(16r85DE770) )
st> log writeRecords: #('Hello' 'There' 'How' 'are you?') asOrderedCollection.
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