This contains all the files and materials used to create my 2014 RDU Code Camp presentation.
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Code Pastes
CodeCamp2014_theme 1 with animation_final.pptx

Code Camp 2014

This repo contains the presentation and code used in my 2014 Code Camp session.

Note: The angular code used in this presentation doesn't really follow optimal best practices in a few cases. It's nothing horrific so it's still suitable for learning, but please do not consider this a copy and paste project. I recommend John Papa's Pluralsight presention on Clean Code with Angular. It does a great job of explaining the how's and why's of clean code in Angular. If anyone cares to, feel free to update this code with IIFE's, separated files, controllerAs syntax, etc, that'd be swell.

Installing the Database

CodeCamp2014.bak contains a full database backup. Use SSMS to restore the database. It will be called CodeCamp2014.

###Viewing the Slides CodeCamp2014_theme 1 with animation_final.pptx contains the slides used in the presentation.

Slides.docx contains the slide and presentation notes used in the presentation.

###Running the Demo Open RandomTriangleRestaurant.sln in Visual Studio 2012/2013. Check the web.config to adjust the connection strings if necessary. The committed config assumes that Integrated Security will be used against an instance named .\SQLEXPRESS

The Code Pastes directory contains the code snippets I used during the demo. These are already pasted into the committed solution as well.