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A fast, lock-free, cross-platform C++11 thread pool library that is aiming to be lightweight and simple.
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ext/include/boost updated internal boost support to 1.57.0 Dec 27, 2014
threadpool11 fix mutex could be freed after pool is destructed Apr 1, 2019
threadpool11_demo fix broken includes, update to openmp test Sep 14, 2018
.clang-format more corrections about parameter types and added a new test Dec 27, 2014
CMakeLists.txt fixed issue #11. also fixed a lot of other possible race conditions. … Jun 8, 2015
COPYING fix broken includes, update to openmp test Sep 14, 2018

threadpool11 threadpool11

A fast, lock-free, cross-platform, full CPU utilizing thread pool implementation using C++11 features.

You can find the dead simple API documentation on header comments.

This project was initially developed in just a few hours of free time as I could not find a simple lightweight thread pooling library for my needs.

Available on AUR.

threadpool11 performance compared to OpenMP

Here is a result of OpenMP demo found in the tree.

Your machine's hardware concurrency is 8

threadpool11 execution took 6721 milliseconds.

openmp execution took 10058 milliseconds.

openmp execution (dynamic schedule) took 5505 milliseconds.

gcc -v gcc version 8.2.1 20180831 (GCC)

Testing code can be found in project tree.

I will be glad to hear about the suggestions/ideas you have about the project, via the issue reporting section.

All non '-dev' branches are safe to use but prefer the latest version.

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