a tool to automate backups using the Tarsnap backup service
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as in the expression, "to have [one's] rats in a pan"

Copyright © 2013 Tony Gies

March 23, 2013


ratpans is a tool that allows you to automate backups using Colin Percival's Tarsnap backup software and service.

ratpans is still in an early stage of development and should not be relied upon for any purpose, ever.


ratpans requires Tarsnap >= 1.0.28, an active and funded Tarsnap account, Python >= 2.6 and PyYAML.


Just invoke ratpans directly.

ratpans uses two configuration files; one specifying global configuration (currently optional) and one specifying backup jobs to carry out. Currently, ratpans just looks for ratpans-config.yml and ratpans-jobs.yml in the current directory.

Presently, no runtime options are implemented; ratpans looks for these specific files and tries to carry out all the jobs found in them.


If provided, ratpans-config.yml ought to look something like this:

tarsnap: /usr/local/bin/tarsnap
keyfile: /root/tarsnap/tarsnap-write.key
logfile: ratpans.log
timestamp: "%Y%m%d"
  • tarsnap: (optional) path to tarsnap (we'll just hope it's in the PATH if not provided)
  • keyfile: (optional) path to a non-passphrase-protected tarsnap keyfile having write permissions to use. Can be overridden on the job level. If not provided, tarsnap uses its default key.
  • logfile: (optional) a file to log critical events (job starts, ends) and errors to.
  • timestamp: (optional) the strftime() format to be used for timestamping tarsnap archives. Currently ignored and fixed to "%Y%m%d".


As mentioned above, ratpans looks for a ratpans-jobs.yml describing backup jobs to carry out through tarsnap.

ratpans-jobs.yml ought to look something like this:

name: home-tgies
 - /home/tgies
keyfile: /root/tarsnap/tarsnap-tgies-write.key
name: home-deployer
 - /home/deployer
name: nginx-config
 - /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
 - /etc/nginx/sites-available

As illustrated, backup job records must start with a line containing only --- (this is a YAML thing).

  • name: The name of the backup job. The archive name used by Tarsnap will be derived from this name and a timestamp.
  • files: A list of paths to be included in the backup, formatted as a YAML list (see example).
  • keyfile: (optional) A keyfile to use for this particular job, overriding the keyfile set in ratpans-config.yml and/or the default keyfile configured in tarsnap.


Once again, ratpans is in a very early stage of development. It is not to be expected to work or to be fit for any purpose.

ratpans has extremely limited error checking and currently has no idea what to do with any error result returned by tarsnap. This is partly tarsnap's fault for returning 1 on any error.


At this early a stage in development, I'd prefer to establish my own program architecture before I open things up to large contributions, but all the same, if you see something in TODO you'd like to take a crack at, I might accept your pull request as long as it's not some big piece of functionality I was going to write that involves a lot of design choices I may or may not agree with.

I hope that makes sense.