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VHDL synthesis (based on ghdl)

This is awfully experimental and work in progress!

How to build as a module

Get and install yosys.

Get ghdl from github.

Get the latest version of GNAT:

$ sudo apt-get install gnat-7

From ghdl, build and install libghdlsynth.so. You may need sudo permission.

$ make libghdlsynth.so
$ make install.libghdlsynth.included
$ make install.libghdlsynth.shared
$ make install.libghdlsynth.static

From ghdlsynth-beta:

make GHDL_PREFIX=/usr/local/

This generates ghdl.so, which can be used directly:

$ yosys -m ghdl.so

How to build (not recommended)

Get ghdl from github, build and install build and install libghdlsynth.a:

$ make libghdlsynth.a
$ make install.libghdlsynth

Get yosys.

From ghdlsynth-beta: Patch yosys sources using yosys.diff Copy the ghdl/ directory in yosys/frontends

Configure yosys.

In Makefile.conf, add:

GHDL_DIR := <ghdl install dir>

Build yosys.

How to use

Example for icestick:

ghdl -a leds.vhdl
ghdl -a spin1.vhdl
yosys -p 'ghdl leds; synth_ice40 -blif leds.blif'
arachne-pnr -d 1k -o leds.asc -p leds.pcf leds.blif
icepack leds.asc leds.bin
iceprog leds.bin