🎄 Advent of Code 2017: Solutions in Kotlin
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Advent of Code 2017 Solutions in Kotlin


This repo is my personal attempt at solving the Advent of Code 2017 set of problems with the Kotlin programming language.

I am trying to solve these on the day they are posted with clear, idiomatic solutions. That means in some cases I will sacrifice performance for a more clear solution.

I am also trying to write about each solution on my blog. See the index below for a link to each post.


Day Title Links
1 Inverse Captcha [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
2 Corruption Checksum [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
3 Spiral Memory [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
4 High-Entropy Passphrases [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
5 A Maze of Twisty Trampolines, All Alike [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
6 Memory Reallocation [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
7 Recursive Circus [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
8 I Heard You Like Registers [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
9 Stream Processing [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
10 Knot Hash [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
11 Hex Ed [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
12 Digital Plumber [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
13 Packet Scanners [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
14 Disk Defragmentation [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
15 Dueling Generators [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
16 Permutation Promenade [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
17 Spinlock [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
18 Duet [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
18 Duet - Part 2 using Coroutines [Code] [AoC]
19 A Series of Tubes [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
20 Particle Swarm [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
21 Fractal Art [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
22 Sporifica Virus [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
23 Coprocessor Conflagration [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
24 Electromagnetic Moat [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]
25 The Halting Problem [Blog Post] [Code] [AoC]

Copyright © 2017 by Todd Ginsberg.