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Easily open a project's file while looking at it (or a "diff data" of it) in Github

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Github Open in Sublime

Content Script for Google Chrome that offers a simple way of opening a file (in the selected line), when taking a look at a file (or a portion of a file, for example, in a diff view of a commit) in


Click the line you want



Collaborators are welcome to help me with these! :-)

  • Add an Icon to the extension
  • Add a GIF file to this Readme that quickly shows how to use this extension (another one that shows how to configure it would also be helpful)
  • Test the extension in different sections of to check if it works in everyone of them
  • Add a docs generator to grunt tasks

How to use


BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, please notice: this content script does not work "out-of-the-box". Please read the "Dependencies > Use" section.

After installing the content script, go to chrome://extensions. Look for this content script and click on the "Options" link. A popup window should appear with a form. In that form you must configure this extension.

When configuring, you need to map each repository, in which you want to be able to use this extension, to their path in your local machine. Press save once you have finished configuring the extension.

Open the repository page (in using Google Crome.

Position the mouse over a line of a file or diff that is displayed in the repositories page. Two buttons should appear near the line's right border: clicking on the one on the left will open the file in sublime. The one on the right will allow to copy a "subl://" URI Scheme for the file which you can use in several contexts (e.g: in Mac OSX's terminal you can use open , followed by the URI Scheme to open the file in your default text editor).

IMPORTANT: this content script uses "Web Scrapping" techniques, so future changes to Github's web app could break this script. Please help me maintain it :-)... or, if you know of a better way of doing this, don't hesitate in sharing it with me. Thanks in advance!


Building and development

Once you have those tools installed, install other dependencies with:

npm install

(Note: there's no need to run bower install, grunt will take care of it)

You can build using:


Build result is located in the dir/ directory.

Note: All of the commands above must be run inside the project's folder


Obviously you will need Google Chrome and Sublime Text. But also, you must install the content script as an extension for Google Chrome and then check the dependencies for your OS:

Mac OS X





You must create a "URI Scheme Handler" for the URI Scheme: "subl://". I'm not sure how to do that in windows. Help will be much appreciated :-)

How to Contribute

Any contributions are Welcome! :-)

But please, for the sanity of maintainability, keep in mind this procedure:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Make local changes
  3. Make tests for new functionalities or issue resolution
  4. Tests (old ones and new ones) must pass and the build must complete correctly (for both you can run grunt command)
  5. Be sure to comply with the code style standards (below) and to make quality code
  6. Commit your changes. The commit message must comply with the "Commit Message" standards (below),
  7. Push your changes to a remote branch in your github repository (forked one). That branch must have a descriptive name.
  8. Make a pull request from your branch to the "development" branch of this repository. Fill the pull request with a good description.

Code Style Standard

Please follow Google's Javascript Style Guide.

When in doubt or if there's something that is done differently in this project, please take a look at the project's javascript files and try to make your code look like those files.

Commit Messages Standard

  • Max Title's length: 50 characters
  • Max body's line length: 72 characters
  • There must be an empty line between the title and the body

Please follow the rules presented in these slides


Easily open a project's file while looking at it (or a "diff data" of it) in Github






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