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  • If #included file is open file in Visual Studio, use that instead of on-disk version
  • Keyword completion
  • Find all references
  • Peek definition
  • Light bulb suggestions

Features that have a checkmark are complete and available for download in the nightly build.


These are the changes to each version that has been released on the official Visual Studio extension gallery.



Note: v1.1.185 supports both VS2015 and VS2017. VS2013 is no longer supported.

  • Add support for matrix types in StructuredBuffer template declarations (@mrvux) (#45)
  • Add support for min16float, min10float, min16int, min12int, min16uint types (@UpwindSpring01) (#48)
  • Implement config files that can add preprocessor definitions and additional include directories (#8)
  • Implement tri-state (move to new line, keep on same line with leading space, don't move) open-brace formatting options (#51)
  • Fix class field binding (@OndrejPetrzilka) (#55)
  • Add support for globallycoherent keyword (@OndrejPetrzilka) (#54)
  • Add support for struct methods (@OndrejPetrzilka) (#57)
  • Make "Go to definition" work when overload resolution fails (#71)
  • Add default argument values to IntelliSense display and navigation bar (#70)



  • Fix namespace member parsing (#38)
  • Implement integer suffixes, octal prefix, floating point specials (#43)
  • Allow lineadj as parameter modifier (#39)
  • Implement typedef support (#42)
  • Implement snorm and unorm modifiers (#35)
  • Fix error when casting array with const variable size (#41)
  • Implement struct inheritance (#40)
  • Remove unwanted completions when typing keywords



  • Semantic highlighting
  • Live semantic errors
  • Go to definition (full support)
  • Quick info (full support)
  • Symbol completion
  • Signature help (aka "parameter info")
  • Reference highlighting



  • Custom file extensions



  • Syntax highlighting
  • Navigation bar
  • Navigate to (Ctrl+,)
  • Live syntax errors
  • Automatic formatting
  • Outlining
  • Brace matching
  • Brace completion
  • Go to definition (limited to preprocessor directives)
  • Quick info (limited to preprocessor directives and syntactic constructs)
  • Syntax visualizer