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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using CppNet;
using Nitra;
using NUnit.Framework;
namespace HlslParser.Tests
public class HlslParserTests
public void CanParseShader(string testFile, string knownGoodFile)
// Preprocess test code using CppNet.
var sourceCode = Preprocess(File.ReadAllText(testFile), testFile);
// Parse test code.
var sourceSnapshot = new SourceSnapshot(sourceCode);
var parserHost = new ParserHost();
var compilationUnit = HlslGrammar.CompilationUnit(sourceSnapshot, parserHost);
// Check for parse errors.
if (!compilationUnit.IsSuccess)
throw new Exception(string.Join(Environment.NewLine,
compilationUnit.GetErrors().Select(x => string.Format("Line {0}, Col {1}: {2}{3}{4}",
x.Location.StartLineColumn.Line, x.Location.StartLineColumn.Column, x.Message,
Environment.NewLine, x.Location.Source.GetSourceLine(x.Location.StartPos).GetText()))));
Assert.That(compilationUnit.IsSuccess, Is.True);
// Get pretty-printed version of parse tree.
var parseTree = compilationUnit.CreateParseTree();
var parsedCode = parseTree.ToString();
// Compare pretty-printed parse tree with known good version
// (if known good version exists).
if (File.Exists(knownGoodFile))
var knownGoodCode = File.ReadAllText(knownGoodFile).Replace("\r\n", "\n");
Assert.That(parsedCode.Replace("\r\n", "\n"), Is.EqualTo(knownGoodCode));
private static IEnumerable<TestCaseData> GetTestShaders()
return Directory.GetFiles("Shaders", "*.hlsl", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
.Select(x => new TestCaseData(x, Path.ChangeExtension(x, ".knowngood")));
private static string Preprocess(string effectCode, string filePath)
var fullPath = Path.GetFullPath(filePath);
var pp = new Preprocessor();
pp.EmitExtraLineInfo = false;
pp.setQuoteIncludePath(new List<string> { Path.GetDirectoryName(fullPath) });
pp.addInput(new StringLexerSource(effectCode, true, fullPath));
var result = new StringBuilder();
var endOfStream = false;
while (!endOfStream)
var token = pp.token();
switch (token.getType())
case Token.EOF:
endOfStream = true;
case Token.CCOMMENT:
case Token.CPPCOMMENT:
var tokenText = token.getText();
if (tokenText != null)
return result.ToString();