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Getting Started with MQTT and Java

This project is a simple application to show how to start your first MQTT Application.


Build and run the application

1- Run the MQTT broker

For example using Mosquitto on OSX:


2- Build the project with Apache Maven:

This project is a simple Java application that runs a publisher and subscriber using the Eclipse Paho library.

$ mvn clean package

For convenience, the example programs project is set up so that the maven package target produces a single executable, /mqtt-sample, that includes all of the example programs and dependencies.

3- Run the Subscriber

The subscriber will received and print all the messages published on the iot_data topic.

$ ./target/mqtt-sample subscriber

4- Run the Publisher

Run the publisher with the following command, the second parameter is the message to publish

$ ./target/mqtt-sample publisher "My first MQTT message..."