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Sample for Mixer two-way communication between game client and custom controls
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Mixer Two Way Communication - Custom HTML5 Control

This sample project shows how to have a custom control send messages to a game client and have the game client return messages.



Getting Started

The interactivePacket event

In the custom control scripts.js subscribe to the interactivePacket to get socket events.

  mixer.socket.on('interactivePacket', function (event) {

When the custom control loads, you'll see the first events that fire when the page loads.

  • onSceneCreate
  • onWorldUpdate
  • onGroupCreate
  • onParticipantJoin
  • onReady

The onParticipantJoin event

The page username is available in the onParticipantJoin event. The username can be set in a div from the index.html page.


mixer.socket.on('interactivePacket', function (event) {
  if (event == undefined ||
    event.params == undefined) {
  console.log('interactivePacket', event);
  if (event.method == 'onParticipantJoin' &&
    event.params.participants !== undefined &&
    event.params.participants.length > 0 &&
    event.params.participants[0] != undefined &&
    event.params.participants[0].username != undefined) {
    var divHello = document.getElementById('divHello');
    var msg = '! Click the button to send a message to the game client';
    divHello.innerText = 'Hello '+event.params.participants[0].username+msg;

Read Game client docs

Take a look at the game client docs.

Sending data to the game client when the Hello button is clicked

The script.js can use the button event to send data to the game client. The giveInput method is from the MixPlay specifications.

  // Whenever someone clicks on "Hello World", we'll send an event
  // to the game client on the control ID which comes from the schema
  document.getElementById('hello-world').onclick = function(event) {'giveInput', {
      controlID: 'my-control',
      event: 'my-custom-event',
      dataFieldOne: 1,
      someOtherObject: {
        full: 'of exciting data!',

Update the schema so the control ID matches. See that my-control is the same in the schema and in scripts.js.

  "scenes": [
      "sceneID": "default",
      "controls": [
          "controlID": "my-control",
          "kind": "button",
          "text": "My First Button",
          "position": [
              "width": 10,
              "height": 8,
              "size": "large",
              "x": 0,
              "y": 0

Setup and start the game client

The game client needs to be running in order to send messages. Follow the Game Client Getting Started setup instructions and then launch the game client in NodeJS. This requires that you use Mixer Developer Lab and the Mixer interactive page to set things up. Also modify the settings in the mixerauth.json to match the project settings.

Upload the Custom Control to Mixer

The schema and custom control need to be uploaded in order for communication to work.


Restart GameClient

Each time the schema or custom control is uploaded, the game client should be restarted. When the game client is off, the custom control will disappear from the live channel. When the game client is started again, the custom control should reappear. The restart is necessary to see the updated schema and custom control code on the live channel.

Send Data from Custom Control to GameClient

Click the Hello world! button and that will send a message to the NodeJS server.


The information is logged in NodeJS from the minimal_game_client.js script from the event set in the mixerClientOpened method.

this.client.on('message', (err) => console.log('<<<', err));


Game Client Reply

When the game client receives the giveInput event, it can send a reply via the broadcastEvent method.

this.client.on('message', (err) => 
  console.log('<<<', err);
  const blob = JSON.parse(err);
  if (blob.method == 'giveInput') {
      console.log('Sending data to custom control...');
        scope: ['everyone'],
        data: {
            "my-control": {
                "with": "Game Client says Hello!"

Custom Control Display Reply

The custom control will receive the interactivePacket reply and can display that in a div.


  mixer.socket.on('interactivePacket', function (event) {
    if (event == undefined ||
      event.params == undefined) {
    console.log('interactivePacket', event);
    if (event.method == 'event' &&
      event.params['my-control'] != undefined &&
      event.params['my-control'].with != undefined) {
      var divServer = document.getElementById('divServer');
      divServer.innerText = event.params['my-control'].with;
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