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The WebGL Speech package combines speech detection and speech synthesis.

The WebGL Speech package is available in the Unity Asset Store. Online documentation is available.

See Also

The WebGL for Speech Detection package is available in the Unity Asset Store. Online documentation is available.

The WebGL for Speech Synthesis package is available in the Unity Asset Store. Online documentation is available.

Supported Platforms


The Unity WebGL Speech Package is created for Unity version 5.3 or better. This includes support for Unity 2017.X, 2018.X, and 2019.X. This package combines the Unity WebGL Speech Detection and Unity WebGL Speech Synthesis packages. This package was originally created for the WebGL platform and supports other platforms using a Speech Proxy. This package requires a browser with the built-in Web Speech API, like Chrome. Speech detection and synthesis requires an Internet connection. The browser compatibility indicates which browsers have the Speech API implemented. The languages page shows what languages are supported by the Speech API.


1.0 Initial creation of package

1.1 - Added support for Speech Proxy

1.2 - Minor fixes

1.3 - Added support for speech detection/synthesis in edit mode

1.4 - Added support for MacOS for play-mode and edit-mode

1.5 - Added example without GUI

1.6 - Added buffering for language data

1.7 - Cleaned up sample code

1.8 - Updated sample scenes to use default 5000 port

1.9 - Added support for 2018.1 and 2019.1.

1.10 - Added support for 2020.X

1.11 - Added support for 2021.X


  • To avoid constant Microphone security prompts, host WebGL builds on secure HTTPS sites. Take a look at the online demos to see how that works.

  • Speech can work on mobile as a WebGL build. Launch the Chrome browser app on mobile and load your WebGL page in the Chrome app.

  • WebGL can take a long while to build. For faster development, try the Speech Proxy. This enables speech in the editor and standalone Windoows/Mac builds without the long wait times.

  • Sometimes the browser speech mechanism can crash. It can happen. If speech stops working, just close all of the browser windows and relaunch which should fix the issue.

Note: In December of 2018, Chrome added a speech restriction that the speak() method can't be invoked until a web page has some user interaction.

Example Scripts


Example01 - Dictation Synthesis

The scene is located at Assets/WebGLSpeech/Scenes/Example01_Dictation_Synthesis.unity.

The example source is located at Assets/WebGLSpeech/Scripts/Example01DictationSynthesis.cs.

The example demo is available online.


Example02 - Dictation Sbaitso

The scene is located at Assets/WebGLSpeech/Scenes/Example02_Dictation_Sbaitso.unity.

The example source is located at Assets/WebGLSpeech/Scripts/Example02DictationSbaitso.cs.

The example demo is available online.



Send questions and/or feedback to the email.

Support is also available in Discord, you can reach me at Tim Graupmann#0611.


Unity WebGL Package for Speech Detection and Synthesis






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