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Putmail is a very lightweight MTA or SMTP client, distributed under the terms of the X Consortium License. It is designed to replace the sendmail command when used with MUAs that lack SMTP support, like mutt. Its main features are:

  • Command-line compatibility with sendmail.
  • TLS support. SSL can also be used with an external tool like stunnel.
  • IPv6 support. I have not tested this myself, but in theory it works. If you can confirm whether this works or not, please contact me.
  • Optional per-address configuration. You can use different settings depending on the From: header.
  • Multiplatform. It works on any platform Python works.
  • Simple to configure.
  • Short and sweet. Less than 500 lines of source code.

If you think you've found a bug or problem, read the FAQ and if that fails, please contact me. Click on my name in the project page to do so.

putmail queue

There is a simple queuing system for It consists of two scripts: and

To use them, you must first create the directory $HOME/.putmail/queue/. It's recommended that only you have access to it.

Usage instructions are in the man page. Use "man putmail-queue" to read it. It is a recommended one-time read.



Run (probably as root), optionally using the environment variables PREFIX and DESTDIR to modify the installation parameters.


The manpage explains the basic configuration and all the options for the config file. It's very easy.



This putmail is a modified version of the original found at The github version is maintained by Tim Gray and was branched from the original at version 1.4. The original version was written by Ricardo Garcia Gonzalez. All references to 'me' in this document were written by Ricardo.

In case of problems

First off, read the FAQ (at doc/FAQ or in the system's documentation directory). Your question may be answered there. Then, check your setup and try any possible valid configuration variants.

If that doesn't help, please drop me an e-mail about the problem. My contact information can be found at Please attach or paste any system files that may be relevant to the problem (if they're not too big, 100 KiB can be considered the limit).

License is distributed under the X Consortium license. Please read the LICENSE or doc/LICENSE file.

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