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#!/usr/bin/env python
# (c) 2007 Matt Godbolt.
# Use however you like, as long as you put credit where credit's due.
# Some information obtained from source code from RISC OS Open.
# v0.01 - first release. Doesn't deal with GOTO line numbers.
# source:
# 2016 jmechnich, prints and handles line numbers now, can use stdin and stdout
import struct, re, getopt, sys
# The list of BBC BASIC V tokens:
# Base tokens, starting at 0x7f
tokens = [
'AND', 'DIV', 'EOR', 'MOD', 'OR', 'ERROR', 'LINE', 'OFF',
'STEP', 'SPC', 'TAB(', 'ELSE', 'THEN', '<line>' # TODO
, 'OPENIN', 'PTR',
'ASN', 'ATN', 'BGET', 'COS', 'COUNT', 'DEG', 'ERL', 'ERR',
'EVAL', 'EXP', 'EXT', 'FALSE', 'FN', 'GET', 'INKEY', 'INSTR(',
'INT', 'LEN', 'LN', 'LOG', 'NOT', 'OPENUP', 'OPENOUT', 'PI',
'POINT(', 'POS', 'RAD', 'RND', 'SGN', 'SIN', 'SQR', 'TAN',
'TO', 'TRUE', 'USR', 'VAL', 'VPOS', 'CHR$', 'GET$', 'INKEY$',
'LEFT$(', 'MID$(', 'RIGHT$(', 'STR$', 'STRING$(', 'EOF',
'CLEAR', 'CLOSE', 'CLG', 'CLS', 'DATA', 'DEF', 'DIM', 'DRAW',
'INPUT', 'LET', 'LOCAL', 'MODE', 'MOVE', 'NEXT', 'ON', 'VDU',
# Referred to as "ESCFN" tokens in the source, starting at 0x8e.
cfnTokens = [
'SUM', 'BEAT']
# Referred to as "ESCCOM" tokens in the source, starting at 0x8e.
comTokens = [
# Referred to as "ESCSTMT", starting at 0x8e.
stmtTokens= [
def Detokenise(line):
"""Replace all tokens in the line 'line' with their ASCII equivalent."""
# Internal function used as a callback to the regular expression
# to replace tokens with their ASCII equivalents.
def ReplaceFunc(match):
ext, token = match.groups()
tokenOrd = ord(token[0])
if ext: # An extended opcode, CASE/WHILE/SYS etc
if ext == '\xc6':
return ' ' + cfnTokens[tokenOrd-0x8e]
if ext == '\xc7':
return ' ' + comTokens[tokenOrd-0x8e]
if ext == '\xc8':
return ' ' + stmtTokens[tokenOrd-0x8e]
raise Exception, "Bad token"
else: # Normal token, plus any extra characters
if token[0] == '\x8d':
# decode line number (The BASIC ROM User Guide p.41)
n1,n2,n3 = [ ord(i) for i in token[1:] ]
n1 = (n1*4)&0xff
n2 ^= (n1&0xc0)
n1 = (n1*4)&0xff
n3 ^= n1
return str(n3*256+n2)
return tokens[tokenOrd-127] + token[1:]
# This regular expression is essentially:
# (Optional extension token) followed by
# (REM token followed by the rest of the line)
# -- this ensures we don't detokenise the REM statement itself
# OR
# (any token)
return re.sub(r'([\xc6-\xc8])?(\xf4.*|[\x7f-\x8c\x8e-\xff]|\x8d.{3})', ReplaceFunc, line)
def ReadLines(data):
"""Returns a list of [line number, tokenised line] from a binary
BBC BASIC V format file."""
lines = []
while True:
if len(data) < 2:
raise Exception, "Bad program: data too short"
if data[0] != '\r':
print `data`
raise Exception, "Bad program: data not starting with \\r"
if data[1] == '\xff':
lineNumber, length = struct.unpack('>hB', data[1:4])
lineData = data[4:length]
lines.append([lineNumber, lineData])
data = data[length:]
return lines
def Decode(data, output):
"""Decode binary data 'data' and write the result to 'output'."""
lines = ReadLines(data)
for lineNumber, line in lines:
lineData = Detokenise(line)
output.write("%5s%s\n" % (str(lineNumber),lineData))
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print "Usage: %s INPUT OUTPUT" % sys.argv[0]
infile, outfile = sys.argv[1:]
if infile == '-':
entireFile =
with open(infile, 'rb') as f:
entireFile =
if outfile == '-':
output = sys.stdout
output = open(outfile, 'w')
Decode(entireFile, output)