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A VSCode extension for requiring node.js files / modules
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This module can import or require node modules and local files.

Use the command dialog or the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+1. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+2 to import/require and insert the reference at the current cursor position.

Require Example

For destructuring import use ctrl+shift+3. First select module, then select one or more export properties.

Destructuring Example


  • Require core modules, dependencies / devDependencies or local files.
  • New requires will be added to the end of the require block in top of file.
  • The style (import vs require) will be auto-detected one a per-file level. It will ask for the first dependency.
  • Typical naming substitutions (for example, lodash will be named _ and jQuery will be $).
  • If the import already exists, it will not add a duplicate.


This module is a fork from Bitkompagniet Node Require, which was itself a fork of Quick Require. The typical namings were taken from NodeRequirer for Sublime Text.

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