Emacs configuration file customized for Erlang, AS/MXML and JavaScript
Emacs Lisp
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* Customizations go in emacs.d
* Disable toolbar
* Default to better frame titles
* Disable system beep
* Set default language
* Set the highlight current line minor mode
* Support Wheel Mouse Scrolling
* Prevent Emacs from making backup files
* Nyan Mode
* Confirm on exit :-)
* Enable Line and Column Numbering
* Disable *GNU Emacs* startup buffer
* Set colours
* C-x,C-c,C-v copy/paste
* Delete seleted text when typing
* Turn on parent match highlighting
* Show line number the cursor is on, in status bar (the mode line)
* Always show line numbers
* Copy/paste with X
* Shortening yes=y, no=n
* Cycle through buffers with Ctrl-Tab (like Firefox)
* Goto-line short-cut key
* Editing .emacs config
* Run terminal
* Buffer navigation
* Interactively Do Things (smart tab-completion in find file etc.)
* Fixed line length
* Highlight TODO/FIXME/BUG keywords in Erlang comments
* Set key bindings
* Alt buffer navigation
* Save/restore buffers
* Function to delete a line
* Key bindings for tree vertical buffers
* Split window into three horizontal buffers

* ActionScript mode
* Flex specific
* Magic for XML Mode
* GO Mode
* Erlang Emacs Mode -- Configuration End
* Apache Pig Latin
* Clojure mode -- using Marmelade