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Dev Chrome

Here lies the list of chrome plugins for

Chrome Custom Setup


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Plugins (unsorted)

Must haves

OneTab - Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

WOT Web of Trust site | extension - Website Reputation Ratings aka Crowdsourced website safety

LastPass (Affiliate link gives me premium membership) - Password management and sharing

  • Get your client's passwords securely
  • Deal with client's updating websites
  • Improve your security on any website by:
  1. Add 2 factor authentication with LastPass
  2. Replace your passwords with random hashes to


  • Every site you use is 2 factor authenticated
  • We've reduced the security risk of [password reuse](../security/password

For React Development

React Developer Tools Adds React debugging tools to the Chrome Developer Tools.

Redux DevTools Redux DevTools for debugging application's state changes.

Page load time Displays page load time in the toolbar

Super Neutron Drive The honey badger of code editors

For Design


Page Ruler Draw a ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning, and measure elements on any web page.

Tracey - Bug Cop for Trello 'Tracey - Bug Cop' - Putting Bugs behind Bars since 2016



xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

Nests for Trello Nests for Trello enables nested boards in Trello. Just link your existing cards to boards or create totally new boards from them!

Plus for Trello (time track, reports, scrum) Reports, Timers, hashtags, offline, burn-downs, spent vs estimate by card, list, board, user, team, history and more!

RescueTime Keep track of the time you spend in Chrome, and get a clear picture of what you were doing all day.

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail Effortlessly organize emails & tasks in a single Gmail workspace

Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker Puts a timer into any web tool and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account

WorkFlowy WorkFlowy is a beautiful tool for lists and notes. It's simple enough for a shopping list, and powerful enough to run a company.

Analytics and Marketing

Open SEO Stats(Formerly: PageRank Status) Shows web rank and SEO stats of current web page, quick access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks, indexed pages and more.

Page Analytics The Page Analytics Chrome Extension allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages.

Pinterest Save Button Save the things you find on the Web

Communicate Betterer

UberConference Screen Sharing 1.1.6s free screen sharing with UberConference schedule meetings 10x faster Scheduling meets calendar sharing to let you plan your meetings 10x faster. Schedule a meeting from Linkedin, Gmail, Google Calendar

Streak CRM for Gmail Manage sales and customer relationships directly inside Gmail.

Signal Private Messenger Privacy is possible. Signal makes it easy.

Rapportive Shows LinkedIn profiles in your Gmail


rbutr Get bias-proofed! Use rbutr to Follow inter-website disagreements and keep yourself more fully informed.


Streamkeys Global hotkeys for online music players including support for media keys.

XKCD substitutions Making the web a stranger better place.