Use JAGS to implement some of the BRugs interface
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FakeBRugs - Pretend that rjags is BRugs

This tiny library of functions is enough to get you through many of the examples in Dr. John Kruschke's book, Doing Bayesian Data Analysis. The functions translate from the BRugs calls used in the book, to rjags calls that work on Unix-y environments.

This is not a complete translation layer!!! It's just enough to do most of the things the book asks you to do!

Some of the routines that examine the results of the MCMC computations are pretty different. They use R's coda package, which is different from whatever BRugs uses. You'll need to figure out how to use those things; they're not obvious to me, but I'm not an R expert at all.

To use this file in the code examples from the book, put this file in the same directory as your code example, open up the example file and change:




As I said, this is not going to make everything peachy, but it will take away a lot of the pain of trying to make the code work on a Mac OS X or Linux box.

I don't use R in my everyday work anymore, so I don't plan on making any enhancements to this file. But if you change something, I'd be happy to accept a pull request on this GitHub page.

Hope this is helpful!

-Thomas G Smith