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Viento Cloud Management Utility

Thank you for choosing Viento! This program is designed to send your files through the clouds with ease. Viento allows you to automatically copy files to and from local and remote directories, so all your files across your cloud services and on your local machines stay up-to-date! Here are just some examples of what Viento can do:

  • Copy your music files from your Amazon Drive to Microsoft OneDrive every 2 hours.
  • Sync your Google Photos with your desktop every 10 minutes.
  • Backup your entire Microsoft OneDrive onto a local backup drive every 24 hours.
  • Save your dotfiles to Google Drive every 8 hours.
  • Keep Dropbox files up-to-date with Google Drive files.

NOTE: No longer being supported. I made this program over the summer when I still used Arch Linux, but I have since switched distros and my needs have changed.



Change Log

Future Updates

Author: Tiger Sachse
Initial Release: 7/13/2017
Current Release: 8/31/2017
Version: 0.6.0-beta
License: GNU GPLv3