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import os
import re
import glob
import pytest
import subprocess
import urllib.request
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
def test_firmware_directory_exists():
''' Do we have a firmware directory to store and retrieve firmware bins '''
assert(os.path.isdir("firmware") is True)'test_firmware_directory_exists')
def test_latest_firmware_version():
''' Get/Find the latest firmware version '''
downloaded = True
firmware_downloaded = False
# Download the latest firmware version if we do not have a copy already
url = ''
page = urllib.request.urlopen(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(, 'html.parser')
hrefs = soup.findAll('a', text=re.compile('esp32-'))
# Find the nightly build. We determine this by using the name
# with more hyphens in it. This is prone to change
href = ''
for ref in hrefs:
if ref.contents[0].count('-') > 2:
href = ref
DOWNLOADED_VERSION = href.contents[0]
download_url = '{0}{1}'.format(url.replace('/download', ''), href['href'])
bins = glob.glob('firmware/*.bin')
# Do we already have the firmware?
for name in bins:
firmware_downloaded = True
# If not downloaded download it
if not firmware_downloaded:
of = '-Ofirmware/{0}'.format(DOWNLOADED_VERSION)
sp =['wget', of, download_url], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
if sp.returncode != 0:
downloaded = False
assert(downloaded is True)'test_latest_firmware_version')
def test_flash_firmware():
''' Test the uploadeding of the firmware completed '''
flashed = False
# Flash the esp32 device with the firmware
erase = [
'', '-p', '/dev/ttyUSB0',
'--baud', '115200', '--after', 'no_reset', 'erase_flash'
cmd =, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
if cmd.returncode == 0:
flash = [
'', '--chip', 'esp32', '-p', '/dev/ttyUSB0',
'--baud', '115200', 'write_flash', '-z', '--flash_mode', 'dio',
'--flash_freq', '40m', '--flash_size', '4MB', '0x1000',
cmd =, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
if cmd.returncode == 0:
flashed = True
assert(flashed is True)'test_flash_firmware')
def test_firmware_loaded():
''' Test that the firmware was uploaded by looking at the version on the device '''
rshell_completed = False
firmware_uploaded = False
# Use rshell to copy the code to the esp32 and
# execute it so the output can be copied back for the tests to examine
rshell_cmd = [
'rshell', '-p', '/dev/ttyUSB0', '--baud', '115200',
'-f', './rshell/get_version.rshell'
cmd =, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
if cmd.returncode == 0:
rshell_completed = True
# Shorten the downloaded version name
version = DOWNLOADED_VERSION[DOWNLOADED_VERSION.rindex('-'):].replace('.bin', '')
# Look for the downloaded version name in the outputted file from the esp32 device
with open('./archive/firmware_version.txt') as f:
esp32_output = ''.join(f.readlines())
if version in esp32_output:
firmware_uploaded = True
assert(rshell_completed is True)
assert(firmware_uploaded is True)
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