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Tomorrow automatically calculates the climate impact of your daily choices by connecting to apps and services you already use.
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This repository contains the open-source integrations that allows the Tomorrow app to automatically calculate your carbon impact. It also contains the CO2 models used by the app. This code is maintained by Tomorrow.

To get started, browse existing suggestions.

You can contribute by

Join us on Slack if you wish to discuss development, need help to get started and want to get access to a developer preview of the app.


To ease development, we've created a development playground.


First, you will have to create a JSON file called env.json where to store integration credientials when needed. You can start by creating an empty file.

Run yarn to install dependencies, then run yarn serve to start the playground and point your browser to localhost:3000 to get started.

Folder structure

  • ./co2eq: carbon models
  • ./integrations: contains all integrations
  • ./integrations/img: contains all integration logos
  • ./playground: source code of the playground
  • ./definitions.js: constant definitions
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