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Kenneth Reitz kennethreitz
I wrote @requests: HTTP for Humans. The only thing I really care about is interface design.

@digitalocean Winchester, VA

Douady Pâris Uriopass
"Use the force, Harry!" - Gandalf


Steffen Rademacker webgefrickel
Web-Developer, UL-Hiker, aspiring minimalist, DGCF-Bass-Fuzz of Dooooooom! Also: fuck yeah \m/

Leipzig, Germany

Matthias Fey rusty1s
PhD student @ TU Dortmund University - Interested in Geometric Deep Learning, Graph Theory; JavaScript frontend engineer; Linux enthusiast

Dortmund, Germany

Nicolas P. Rougier rougier
Full-time researcher in computational neuroscience. Open Science advocate.

INRIA Bordeaux

Yangqing Jia Yangqing
Proud Berkeley PhD. Eng Director @facebook. Ex-@google brain. Ex-@BVLC. (Co)creator of BVLC/caffe, @caffe2, @onnx. Co-leading @pytorch. Worked on @tensorflow

@facebook Menlo Park, CA

Jeff Allen jamaps

University of Toronto Toronto

Tyler Neely spacejam
reliable stateful systems at scale

@oscoin Berlin, NYC, SF

Mathieu Blondel mblondel
Research scientist

NTT CS Laboratories Kyoto, Japan

brian russell bkrussell10
AI applied to physiology, PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology, Ai detection of Cognitive and Physical Fatigue
Dominique Makowski DominiqueMakowski
Neuropsychologist, psychotherapist, pizza lover, data scientist wannabe 🍕 Looking for postdoc opportunities 👀

University of Sorbonne Paris Cité Paris, France

isaacs isaacs
npm inventor and CEO. Early contributor and former BDFL of Node.js. Author of JavaScripts. All opinions are my own. Literally all of them. I own them all.

npm, Inc. Oakland CA

Matthew Conlen mathisonian
Data visualization and other tools for communicating complex ideas. Ph.D. student @uwdata.

@uwdata Seattle

KC Sivaramakrishnan kayceesrk

University of Cambridge Cambridge, UK

Stefan van der Walt stefanv
Researcher at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, open source hacker, explorer.

University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Travis E. Oliphant teoliphant
NumPy, SciPy, Numba, Conda, PyData, NumFocus, Anaconda, Quansight

Quansight Austin, TX

Denis A. Engemann dengemann
I'm a psychologist and PhD who works at the intersection of Psychology, Neuroscience, Statistics & Computer Science. Sometimes more in one than the other camp.

INRIA Paris, France

Eric O. LEBIGOT (EOL) lebigot
Senior Science Advisor in an investment fund, Director of Data Science in a startup. Former Global Chief Data Scientist of a large insurer, and physicist.

Paris, France

William Gilpin williamgilpin

Stanford University United States

Surag Nair suragnair

Stanford University Stanford, CA

Gaurav Bhatt GauravBh1010tt
Master student, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR).


Steve Klabnik steveklabnik
All i'm trying to do is enjoy every day to the fullest with my Pokémon.


ashley williams ashleygwilliams
a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. @rustlang core. rustWASM WG. former @nodejs director, @npmjs.

@rust-lang NYC

Matthew Rahtz mrahtz
Student in machine learning and neuroscience at ETH Zürich.
Marwan Burelle slashvar
Software Engineer @algolia

@algolia Paris

Fabian Pedregosa fabianp
Changing the world through stochastic variance-reduced optimization.

@ucberkeley San Francisco

Matthew Honnibal syllog1sm
My main profile is @honnibal

Founder @explosion Berlin, Germany

Nick nfmcclure

@nfmcclure Seattle, WA

Maarten Breddels maartenbreddels
freelance software dev / consultant / parttime astronomer, python, creator of vaex & ipyvolume, woodworking, beer brewing, problem solving

@maartenbreddels the Netherlands

Jacob Stanley jystic

Lighthouse Financial Hong Kong

Marin Hannache Mareo

Seine-et-Marne, France

Gabriel Peyré gpeyre
CNRS senior researcher in the DMA, Ecole Normale Supérieure

CNRS Paris

Wes McKinney wesm
Director of Creator of Python pandas. Maker of tools to make data analysis faster and easier. Apache Arrow and Apache Parquet

Ursa Labs New York, NY

Anthony Ramine nox

@Mozilla Paris, France

Riley F. Edmunds rileyedmunds
I'm passionate about machine learning and lead the research group at @mlberkeley. Currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

@mlberkeley Berkeley, CA

Chris Hardin cshardin

Jane Street New York, NY