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Nonstandard hyphenation is supported by allowing replacement rules to occur in
hyphenation, according to Laszlo Nemeths paper
"Automatic non-standard hyphenation in OpenOffice", found at
Long story made short: After an hyphenation pattern, you may give a
non-standard rule looking like this:
PRE is a pre-hyphen string to be added to the result-string, POST a
post-hyphen string.
S and C determine a length of string that will be deleted from the original
string, relative to the start of the rule. S is the offset (starting with 0)
of the deleted part, C the length. S defaults to 0, C to the the length of
the pattern part minus S.
will replace the first f with ff for old german hyphenation when hyphenating.
will result in every normal hyphen being repeated on the next word part:
kung-fu will hyphenate as kung--fu