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--- %YAML:1.0
- version: 0.70
date: 2009-09-30
- 64-bit compatibility
- version: 0.60
date: 2005-09-19
lib/emitter.c: get headless documents working. better quoting of various
indicators at end or alone in scalars.
lib/ forgive tabs in plain scalars.
ext/syck/rubyext.c: headless document always.
- version: 0.56
date: 2005-05-16
- const_find, now locating class constants correctly.
- YAML::Object class for loaded objects which have no corresponding class.
- No anchors on simple strings.
- Outputing of domain and private types and anchors properly.
- Memory leak in mktime.
lib/emitter.c: scale back seq-in-map on a typed seq. prevents the shift/reduce
problem with the parser.
- version: 0.55
date: 2005-04-14
- output inline collections. ensure proper quoting and no blocks in inline collections.
- safe indentation of scalar blocks which include YAML document separators.
lib/syck.h: styles for every type of node now.
lib/gram.y: restructuring, trying to fix problem with typed seq-in-map shortcut nodes.
lib/ fixed parsing of inline seq closing char as closing map char and vice versa.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb: added styling of collections. to_yaml_style for
every object in Ruby.
ext/ruby/ext/syck/rubyext.c: ditto.
- version: 0.54
date: 2005-04-07
lib/emitter.c: scale back double-quoting of strings. get empty nulls working.
lib/gram.y: allowing transfers, anchors on an empty.
lib/ removing 'y' and 'n' again!!
lib/yaml.rb: repair YAML.transfer to work with taguris.
- allow taguri to be set using an accessor.
- continue support of Object#to_yaml_type.
- fixing PrivateType and DomainType objects.
- new Resolver#tagurize converts type ids to taguris.
(for backwards compatibility, since the new stuff uses strictly taguri.)
- merging nobu's changes from Ruby trunk.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb: simplify taguri display.
- version: 0.53
date: 2005-03-28
README.EXT: more docs.
- moved Object#yaml_new into the node_import and made it the
default behavior.
- the target_class is always called wih yaml_new, prepended
a parameter, which is the klass.
- loaded nodes through GenericResolver show their style.
- YAML::Syck::Node#transform works.
- bug with YAML::Syck::Emitter#level
ext/ruby/lib/yaml.rb: reworking YAML::Stream to use the new
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/stream.rb: ditto.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb: use of new yaml_new syntax.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/tag.rb: the tag_subclasses? method now
shows up in the class.
ext/ruby/yts/yts.rb: moved eval code out of the YAML
ext/ruby/yts/*.yml: prepend YAML module onto all
code that uses Stream, Omap, etc.
lib/ were 'y' and 'n' seriously omitted??
lib/node.c: added syck_seq_assign.
- version: 0.52
date: 2005-03-27
README.EXT: added detailed API docs for Syck!!
ext/ruby/ext/syck/rubyext.c: consolidated all the diaspora of internal
node types into the family below YAML::Syck::Node -- Map,
Seq, Scalar -- all of whom are SyckNode structs pointing to
Ruby data.
lib/emitter.c: consolidated redundant block_styles struct into
the scalar_style struct. (this means loaded nodes can now
be sent back to emitter and preserve at least its very basic
lib/ ditto.
lib/node.c: new syck_replace_str methods and syck_empty_*
methods for rewriting node contents, while keeping the ID
and other setup info.
lib/syck.h: reflect block_styles and new node functions.
- version: 0.51
date: 2005-02-09
tests/YTS.c: tests failing due to bad syck_emit_scalar call.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb: added Object#yaml_new.
ext/ruby/ext/syck/rubyext.c: both yaml_new and yaml_initialize get
called, should they be present.
- version: 0.50
date: 2005-02-08
lib/gram.y: freed up parser to accept any structure as a headless
lib/emitter.c: renovated emitter, which allows an initial walk
of the tree to check for anchors and tag prefixing. then, swift
emission of nodes with folding routines and shortcut-checking
ext/ruby/ext/syck/rubyext.c: added hooks for the new emitter.
- version: 0.45
date: 2004-08-18
lib/ re2c compiling with bit vectors now.
lib/syck.c: clear parser on init. thanks, ts. [ruby-core:02931]
- added sexagecimal float#base60.
- using newline_len to handline CR-LFs.
"\000" was showing up on folded blocks which
stopped at EOF.
- buffer underflow. thanks, ts. [ruby-core:02929]
- indentation absolutely ignored when processing flow collections.
- plain scalars are trimmed if indentation follows in an ambiguous
flow collection.
- fixed problem with comments sharing line with opening of block sequence.
ext/ruby/lib/yaml/compat.rb: moved all ruby 1.6 -> ruby 1.8
handling into compat.rb.
- simpler flow block code.
- was forcing a mod value of zero at times, which kept
some blocks from getting indentation.
- double-quoted strings now are handled through the flow block code to
increase readability.
- exceptions were using an older YAML.object_maker. [ruby-core:03080]
- subtleties in emitting strings with opening whitespace.
- added YAML::load_file, YAML::parse_file.
- added rdoc to beginning of lib.
- set buffer after Data_Wrap_Struct to avoid possible GC. [ruby-talk:104835]
- added float#base60 handling.
ext/ruby/yts/YtsSpecificationExamples.yml: new examples from the 1.0
working draft. []