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[WARNING: this file is outdated]
## Syck 0.60
[x] Resolver needs to handle implicits
[x] yaml_org_handler is an integral part of DefaultResolver#transfer
[x] cNode must be central in-between datatype
[x] The values will be fully loaded Hash, Array, String
(Close, ended up using YAML::Syck::Seq, etc.)
[x] This way node_import can take pure Ruby nodes
[x] Incorporate BaseNode.
[-] Fix typed seq-in-map shortcut.
[x] Emitter should figure out shortcuts.
[-] Ensure that common memory leaks are GONE by 0.60.
[-] UTF-8 strict mode.
## Syck 0.70
[-] YPath integrated into Syck's core
[-] Implicits can be collections with YPath matching
[-] UTF-16 and -32 support.
## Syck 0.80
[-] Python extension with complete hooks.
[-] YAML 1.1 support.