My third Front-end Web Development Techdegree project.
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Form Structure

  1. [DONE] Only one tag is being used to contain all the form elements.
  2. [DONE] Fieldsets and legends have been added for each of the following sections:
  • "Contact Information" section of the page, and
  • The "Newsletter" section of the page

Form Fields and Labels

  1. [DONE] Includes all of the required form fields:
  • text input
  • email input
  • telephone input
  • select menu
  • checkboxes
  • radio buttons
  • textfield
  • submit button
  1. [DONE] Each form field includes the following attributes:
  • input: has id, type and name attributes.
  • select and textarea: includes id and name attributes.
  1. [DONE] Each form field includes a label, and each label’s for attribute is associated with a unique id on its corresponding form field.

Placeholder Text

  1. [DONE] The input field's placeholder attribute has been used to add the text "required" to:
  • the Full Name field
  • the Email address field

Exceeds Expectations

  1. [DONE] Form contains additional placeholder text for other text fields.
  2. [DONE] Uses the required attribute to add HTML5 Validation for required fields.

Mobile First

  1. [DONE] The HTML file include the viewport meta tag in the head of each document.
  2. [DONE] A mobile-first approach is utilized using min-width properties for media queries.
  3. [DONE] Appropriate media query is in place to match the screen size for tablet and desktop screens at 768px.

Design and Styling

  1. [DONE] Roughly matches layout of the mobile and desktop mockups. General spacing and arrangement of the elements matches the design of the mockups for:
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  1. [DONE] The label text position matches the mockups:
  • Above the form field for mobile.
  • To the left side of the form field for desktop.
  1. [DONE] Uses a Google Font.
  2. [DONE] Includes focus states for text fields.

Exceeds Expecations

BOTH of the following additional styling enhancements have been added to the form:

  1. [DONE] Change the background color for at least ONE of the main sections of the site.
  2. [DONE] Uses CSS transitions for focus states.

Valid Code

  1. [DONE] HTML and CSS code passes the validation.
  2. [DONE] HTML and CSS errors are accepted exceptions